People have no other choice, hence they are supporting Social Trade

On 30th jan, we had published that Social Trade is about to run away. And on 2nd Feb, its MD Anubhav Mittal got arrested by STF Team, Utter Pradesh. Since that time, people are arranging Dharnas, RoadShows and all, to release Anubhav Mittal. First of all, let me tell you that none of the sites […]

SocialTrade ran away. Foolish people are still supporting Anubhav Mittal

From the very beginning, we are trying to make people understand that is a fake. Social Trade will run away one day. But, instead, people are trying to convince us that SocialTrade is legal and not fake. On 30th Jan, we had published the post that SocialTrade is planning to run away. And on […]

Dont migrate services of, else you loose all your money

Hello friends, All of you might have come across the biggest change in SocialTrade. Yes, they are closing the site and instead, they launched a new site named Before using the site, all of you have to migrate your service from SocialTrade to FrenzZup. But, you have to agree to their terms […]

SocialTrade is planning to runaway. Breaking news of 30th Jan2017

Hello friends, here is the breaking news. As per our sources, SocialTrade is planning to run away. We dont know whether its a rumor or truth, but you guys first read this article and then decide by your self. As per the update available dated 30th Jan 2017, it is clearly mentioned that they are […]

God knows, when intmaart will be launched finally.Check the details here.

Before 29th Nov 2016, it was at the top of the headlines that SocialTrade is going to launch its own eCommerce portal i.e This site was to be launched in a mega event by bollywood stars Amisha Patel and Sunny Leone. Keeping his promises, Mr Anubhav ji launched the eCommerce portal on the said […]

Issues in Social Trade: Unable to redeem ePoints

Day by the no. of users are increasing in SocialTrade site. Number of members are increasing at a faster rate than earlier months. Not only there is a hike in the no. of members, but also there is something else where the numbers have increased. And we call it as “Issues”, “Problems”. Yes, you read […]

How to convert your e-points into cash

Social Trade has made some changes in its website. It includes changes in design, changes in work process and other details. Earlier you were getting Rs.5 per click. But after the changes are incorporated, you will get 1 e-point for each click. So, after you click all the links, you will get 10 e-points in […]

How to complete tasks in multiple accounts in the same time?

Hello friends, here we are going to explain you that how can anyone complete the clicking tasks in multiple accounts in the same time. In the same time period, that you were giving for one account, in that same time period, you will be able to complete the tasks in two accounts. Here is how. […]

Fake Registered address of is a Tyre Market

Now-a-days, is at the top position of its kind. As per the company, it is helping “INDIA” in becoming “DIGITAL INDIA”. It also helps the people, who join the company, to have a part time income. Hence, it claims that the company helps in increasing employment and decreasing unemployment. Earlier, we had heard about […]

Daily report of 06-10-2016, Total links=40, Invalid=27

Here is the daily links report of There are 40 links in total, out of which 27 links are invalid links. Check the details here.